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Arema FC Arema FC Arema FC
Arema FC
Arema Football Club is an Indonesian professional football club based in Malang, East Java. The club plays in the Liga 1. Arema's nickname is Singo Edan (The Mad Lions).

Arema's name during the Kingdom
The name Arema is a Malang legend. It was id:Kidung Harsawijaya who first recorded the name, which is the story of Patih Kebo Arema when Singosari was ruled by Kertanegara. Kebo Arema's achievements were brilliant.

He broke the revolt of Kelana id:Bhayangkara as written in the Song of Panji Wijayakrama until all the rebels were crushed like leaves eaten by caterpillars. Likewise the Cayaraja rebellion as written in the Book of Negarakertagama. Kebo Arema also became an expansionary political buffer Kertanegara.

Together with Mahisa Anengah, Kebo Arema conquered Pamalayu Kingdom centered on Jambi. Then can master the Malacca Strait. The heroic history of Kebo Arema has indeed sunk. History books only record Kertanegara as the biggest king Singosari, whose administrative center is near Malang City. (Wikipedia)

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