Persija Jakarta

Persija Jakarta Persija Jakarta Persija Jakarta
Persija Jakarta
Perserikatan Sepakbola Indonesia Jakarta (commonly known as Persija Jakarta, literally translated to Football Association Indonesia Jakarta), is a football team based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Persija Jakarta is the most successful football team in Indonesia. The team has won 11 league titles and have never been relegated since the competition start in 1930. Persija is one of the teams who founded the PSSI (Indonesia football federation) in 1930 along with several other teams. They are the current champion of Liga 1.


In 1928, some youth from Jakarta had the idea to create a football team with one goal is making the struggle movement at that time occupiers through sport. And finally, they founded the club as Voetbalbond Indonesische Jacatra (VIJ) MH Thamrin is one of the youth who founded Persija and highly involved in VIJ which is now Persija Jakarta. He aqiltook care and helped VIJ in many ways, one of them was to construct the VIJ Stadium in Petojo, Central Jakarta using his own money. On the journey, Persija became the most successful team in the Perserikatan, successfully winning it , 9 times and managing to become champion by the time the start of the competition was held.

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